Migraines Linked to Spine


Seibert Chiropractic was opened because your doctor suffered from migraines. She was in a car accident which resulted in her having chronic migraines. The headaches were so bad that she would miss days at work and missed out on activities in her life. She tried everything from medications, to MRIs, she was even seeing a neurologist. She no longer wanted to be on medication, as they were not helping, a friend suggested chiropractic, she decided to start researching chiropractic care.  After about six months of seeing a chiropractor she was able to feel the onset of a migraine, get an adjustment and continue with her day. After about a year of care she stopped having migraines, not even tension headaches. She does still keep up on maintenance care, yes your chiropractor still gets adjustments, because she believes proper alignment keeps her body healthy.

Headaches are a pain in the neck, literally. Your neck alignment has a lot to do with your headaches. There is reason we ask if you have headaches, Dr. Seibert will look more into your neck, occiput and TMJ. Often when these are out of alignment you can be pinching nerves, or not allowing the proper blood supply to your head.* With proper adjustments you may be headache free, without having to take medications. Some people even find that chiropractic care can allow you to have longer time of relief with their headaches than other headache treatments.

A study done of over 127 migraine sufferers that had routine chiropractor adjustments had fewer headaches and took less medication. ** Most doctors will agree that being properly aligned gives the body the ability to reduce stress. The reason behind this is when your body is out of alignment it has an effect on your nerves which can cause pain in the head. When you have proper spinal function your head is supported properly and it will help improve circulation and lessen nerve irritation.  

Migraines affect over 30 million people in the United States. Over 90% of people who suffer from migraines miss out on work. It is said that millions of dollars is lost due to people not being able to work. Over 5 million people go to the hospital due to their headache symptoms.*** Do you really want to be one of them? Start by getting regular adjustments, see a massage therapist, or ask us about cranial work. You don’t have to suffer.