Chiro Kids

There are many sceptics about children and chiropractic care, but over the past 100 years children have been helped tremendously with regular adjustment schedules. From your baby not sleeping well to your teenager’s growth spurts; chiropractic care has helped many children lead a healthier life. As your child grows it’s not just about proper spinal alignment it is also crucial to make sure nerves are firing the correct messages throughout the body. Regular adjustments now will lead to healthy growth and reduced complications in the future. If you are questioning your child’s nutrition or your child is a picky eater we have solutions or alternatives at our office.

Here at Seibert Chiropractic each child is examined thoroughly to make sure we get the proper care for your child. Whether there are problems with constipation, ADHD, bed wetting, scoliosis and more chiropractic care can assist your child. Just like adults, children might not say there is something wrong, or that they are in pain, but this doesn’t mean you should avoid looking for signs of misalignment. Children will show you they are hurting by tilting their head, only breastfeeding on one side, and changes in walking. These signs can help you determine your child is in need of an adjustment.

What has really changed is the amount of kids that are involved in competitive sports. Practicing 4 times a week with 2 – 6 games a week depending on the child is involved with a tournament. Those kids are the ones that we find over use syndromes that can lead to chronic problems in the future. If your child is in sports then they need a chiropractor in their life. With every trip and fall, push or shove comes with spinal stress. Don’t let spinal stress affect their activities.

If you are nervous about bringing your child to the office, rest assured their adjustments are done manually, unless asked to be performed by the activator. Babies are adjusted with little force, think of checking the ripeness of a peach at a grocery store. Your child’s thoracic spine is adjusted with chiropractic hugs and topped off with fun stickers. Every child is unique, but every child can benefit from maintenance adjustments, which is why Seibert Chiropractic offers adjustments as little as $1 per numbered age until the age of 14. Dr. Seibert truly believes in the benefits of chiropractic care on children and that is why we make it affordable for you and your family to receive care.